Orientation & Evaluation Strategy for New Volunteers


At Bethany Baptist Church, we recruit leaders by inviting those we know or observe to be a potentially good addition to our team as role models and disciplers of the students.

It may take weeks or months to continue engaging with potential team members. I am always speaking with people about their gifts and how they might be able to serve the Body of Christ, especially in Student Ministries. If their gifts fit with Student Ministries, then the invitation is given.

If an invitation is given to consider joining the Student Ministries team, and they accept, then the process below begins:

4 Step Plug-in Process for Student Ministries

1. Observation

Potential volunteers observe areas of ministry twice and are given an Observation Packet that includes job descriptions, a leader info package, and a leader application.

2. Interview

All potential volunteers will meet with the youth pastor and one other youth leader for a 30 minute interview to help determine their area of interest, the ministry's needs & expectations, and potential start date.

3. Training

New volunteers are required to attend Leadership Training just before kick-off, as well as agree to the "terms of service" which include attending the Pre-Ministry Dinners/mini-training throughout the year.

4. Serve

It's Go Time! After the previous three steps have been completed and a background check has been passed, they will begin serving in Student Ministry!

Ongoing Training & Discipleship Once a leader has been approved and starts in Student Ministry, they are trained and discipled on a weekly basis. The leadership team functions as a small group--and one with purpose. All Student Ministries volunteers are expected to be at the pre-ministry meal where we break bread together. After that there is often mini-training sessions, a prayer time and last minute prep for the evening. After most events/meetings there is also a debrief/prayer time.

Evaluation New volunteers will not be "evaluated" per se. The Youth Pastor will meet with the new volunteer after the first, third and year-end months to take them through a self-relfective process. Because the ministry is relational, the "evaluation process" needs to be relational. The expectations laid out in the application process will be discussed in terms of how well they are doing with them, such as attending regularly the pre-ministry time, weekly youth & small group times. Perception of personal strengths and weaknesses will be discussed, as well as challenges in ministry, etc. There will also be accountability in their spiritual and personal life. Strategies for improvement and moving forward will also be discussed. The Youth Pastor will ask if there are ways that he or she can support the new volunteer.