Evaluation Process for On-Going Volunteers

Ongoing Mentoring of Volunteer Leadership Team

Because the volunteer positions in youth ministry are highly relational, each volunteer will be mentored in a relational manner. It is difficult to quantify a relational ministry. Therefore, at regular intervals, each volunteer will meet with the Youth Pastor and be guided through a self-relfective process in the following areas:

  • How well they are meeting expectations of the job description.
  • Are they showing up regularly to Pre-Ministry meetings, training, and actual ministry times?
  • What are their current perceived strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are they spending time regularly with the Lord? What does that look like?
  • How do they perceive their ministry is going?
    • what challenges are they experiencing?
    • What wins have they had?
  • How can I (the youth pastor) support them and pray for them?

Process of Confrontation & Dismissal

The above process of relational mentoring and feedback from the youth pastor should avoid the need for confrontation of minor issues. Through the above process with the guidance of the youth pastor, volunteers should become aware of any expectations not being met (which they agreed to in the orientation and application process), and committ to self-correction. If over the course of several mentoring sessions, the self-correction has not happened, then the youth pastor may suggest that a different area of ministry might be best, or a time away from student ministry might be best.

If the volunteer has had a serious moral failing or perhaps they have done something to make the ministry space unsafe for students, then confrontation would need to happen immediately. The Youth Pastor, and if need be, the Lead Pastor, would meet with the volunteer in question, and handle the situation in question, including immediate dismissal from the ministry if necessary.