Ministry Mission Statement

Discipling people into a new story...

This is the mission statement of Bethany Baptist Church as a whole. In a recent visioning session with the student ministries leadership team, we decided to adopt the same one as the entire church. We feel that student ministries are a church within the church, and should be treated as such. Therefore, we should also align with the movement of the entire church: There should be unity.

This mission statement is a fairly new one, and it has grown out of the previous mission statement, which was "to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ". Both mission statements hold the same meaning for people at Bethany, but now has simpler language for the outsider. It also adds some depth to the original. The new statement implies that there is an "old story" in people's lives that can be left behind as they step into a new one. It implies that there is a new story to be had. God has a story, and our lives are just a small part of it. That in turn means there is a bigger story outside of us; it isn't just all about me as an individual. The mission statement also implies that the journey can't and shouldn't be made alone. Discipling people into a new story means coming alongside someone and walking with them through that journey. It implies a process of redemption. It implies community, it implies that the old can go and the new can come due to Jesus' work on the cross.