Goals for Bethany Youth Ministry

  1. Change the demographics of the youth volunteer staff from mostly parents to mostly young adults. There should be no parents of iConnect or Youth volunteering as leaders or small group leaders in the same ministry their child attends after this school year.
  2. By May or June 2020, have a youth/young adult representative on the board by submitting a proposal to the board and putting forward a name as a suggestion for nomination in the next 2 weeks.
  3. When creating an event calendar, find a way for small groups to connect with each other at Youth every Friday, no matter the event. It could be how teams are decided on for a game, or a small group discussion after a talk, or simply a 2-minute small group check-in at some point in the evening to say hi and talk about the next time they will meet. This could start immediately.
  4. At the Hamilton Night Out in June (a community event at the local park), have a church booth with Youth representation. Have an event created in the summer that is at the park that community youth could attend. Have postcard invites ready for the community event that can be handed out as they play a youth-run game at our booth. Then hold the event within 2 weeks of that.
  5. At Halloween (Oct. 31st, 2020), right before Clue, set up a free hot-chocolate stand in the church parking lot or across the street at a booth in the park where the fireworks will be held. Hand out invites to Clue, which is within 2 weeks after that.