Fund-Raising Idea #2

Trivia Night

This is a fundraising event that is super fun and can be "dressed up" to fit one's community. I purchased and all-in-one kit that was very helpful from Project YM. But there are lots of other places to get trivia questions once you learn how to run the event. You can find Project YM's info and kit here. The evening consists of 7-10 rounds of trivia. Each round consists of 10 questions. Each team is made up of 8 people - so we had 8 people to a table. Some people bought entire tables and filled it with friends. Anyone who bought a table got a discount. But some people also bought 2 tickets or 4, and so then were put at a table with other individual ticket buyers. There were a couple mini games in between different rounds of Trivia, such as a 50/50 draw (make sure you get a gaming license for this to comply with provincial laws), and other silly games. In the price of the ticket, we provided unlimited pretzels and popcorn and beverages. We also provided a menu of appetizers and dessert that people could purchase. There was an emcee for the evening, as well as official scorekeepers. The 1st and 2nd place prized are items donated from businesses and/or families in the community. We have done this twice now, and people are requesting that the event continue. I am hoping with more exposure and personal testimony of how enjoyable the event is, more people will come, thus providing a better return on investment.

Anticipated Income - This event's income depends on the number of people who buy in and show up. I was hoping up front for a stronger turn out, but it is a new concept to a large portion of the congregation, and we have a high population of immigrants. For the amount of work the event takes, it isn't making the amount of money I would like to see. However, it has only just been done twice, and I have received strongly positive feedback. People would like to see it continue, so I am hoping the numbers will come. It is definitely a lot of fun.

Level of Participant Involvement Everyone participates in some way. Especially the day of the event. Food must be prepped, tables set up, registration, childcare, food sales, serving the food, and clean up. Prior to the event, there needs to be the solicitation of prizes from local businesses, advertising, online and in-person registration. The students find it difficult to solicit for prizes, but if they are up to it, it is great experience. During the event, there is also a presentation of what the fundraiser is for. So all in all, though I organize and manage the event, the students run it. All hands on deck. Also, after the event, we reach out to the prize sponsors with thank you cards that include pictures of the trip for which we raised funds.

Conclusion Though this event is more work than some others, it provides a great opportunity for team building before, during and after the event. It also provides an opportunity for a time of community for those within the church, as well as an outreach opportunity as a "non-threatening" church event that might get people in the door. It is worth pursuing for a couple more years to try and grow the return on investment. If that doesn't materialize, it might be worth handing off the event to someone who wants to run it just for fun.