One-Year Budget for Student Ministries

September 2019 – August 2020
Total $ 13,000

Friday Events: $4000 (covers all supplies, worship team related costs, snack, etc for iConnect/Youth Events).

Small Groups: $1000 (covers all curriculum, supplies, snacks, etc).

May Camp: $2500 (covers the cost to send our leaders to camp).

TOTAL Youth/iConnect = $7500

Young Adults: $1000 (covers curriculum and some supplies for social events).

Miscellaneous & General Supplies: $2000 (eg. Bibles for new students, room supplies, summer events, etc).

Leadership Development: $2500 (covers cost for all SLT & Adult Leader training including monthly meeting food costs as well as leadership training offered in partnership with Green Bay).

Please note: Bethany Baptist has an accountant to whom I submit all receipts. She does all the accounting in regards to tracking income and expenses. I know the average amount I can spend on a large event, and meet with her regularly to track where we are in our spending.