Large Event Evaluation




How many in the room? No.
Evaluation Comments, recommended changes or suggestions for improvement:
Promotion: Was it quality work? Timed appropriately? Did we promote enough? Any changes?
Staffing: Did we have enought staff? Any problems? What was their eval of the event?
Budget: Did the results justify the effort and money spent?
Program: Overall impression/effectiveness of the evening or event. (Attach schedule)
What was a highlight of this event - something that worked really well
What was one thing that didn't go so well?
Materials needed: What items, supplies, epquipment, etc, did we forget and should bring next time?
Repetition: Should we do this activity again? Why or why not?
Guest performance: Evaluate how well the speaker &/or musicians related to and connected with our students
Contact list: Write out (and attach if necessary) names, phone numbers, addresses, or directions that we need for next time
Spiritual results: What impact did the activity, talk or small groups have in the lives of our students? Decisions made? Evidence of spiritual growth that occurred?
Discipline: Any discipline problems with students? Actions taken? Attach any incident report filed.
Other comments? Next time, make sure...